Examination Day

I have never been one to succumb to conspiracy theories or quackish beliefs in extreme subterfuge like that of what some of my “far left” or “far right” friends subscribe to…

…but when I actually see people that celebrate (CELEBRATE!) outlandish propaganda, blatant deception against their own interests, full retraction/negation of citizen’s rights – all based on what can only be called pure ignorance, the inability to comprehend 6th grade logic, and the unverified carrot of “I’ll take care of you & rid all that ails you”, I start to wonder if ‘Keep America Stupid Forever’, really is the long term strategy for this administration.

Many years ago as a 15yo kid, I saw this short 10min episode of the ‘new’ Twilight Zone, and it will be no surprise, once you read it, that after more than 30 years, it suddenly came rushing back to me. At the episode’s conclusion, I remember sitting in the corner of the living room sobbing.

It’s a really good episode about the future. Do me a favor, and watch it.

Twilight Zone “Examination Day”

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