Collecting Legoland California Pop Badges

UPDATE 6/5/17:
Looks like in the latest flyer for LEGOLAND California, they are advertising the latest special Pop Badges for July 4th & for July 28-29.

And they provide a bit of information about the mysterious Gold Pop Badge as well.  Looks like they are having as many as 10 park employees wear Mr. Gold pop badges and even providing hints on poster, which seems to be a big jump in help obtaining the badge compared to previous Mr. Gold campaigns.  (Hope it’s not ‘too easy’.)


Our family is pretty loyal to Legoland California.  We’ve been to the other theme parks & resorts in Southern California but the only one we buy an annual pass to is Legoland.

imageMy son in particular loves Lego.  When he was in pre-school, he assembled the LEGO Movie 70810 Metal Beard’s Sea Cow by himself – all 2,741 pieces. I never placed a single brick on the model for him. (For those not aware, the Sea Cow is one of the largest LEGO sets on the market)  He’s since also completed:

  • X Wing Fighter (Pre-school)
  • Millennium Falcon (Kindergarten)
  • Imperial Shuttle (Kindergarten)
  • TIE Fighter (Kindergarten)

And his biggest current accomplishment:

He’s currently working on:

One of the collectibles that LegoLand has that seems to be lesser known is Pop Badges.  These are plastic badges that adhere to your kid’s Legoland lanyard or their shirt and represent some special accomplishment or feat.

First news of the Pop Badge Challenge was on this site:

They actually first started in the LegoLand Park in the UK, where they’ve been handing them out

Since then it’s been a quiet pursuit of Lego fans that visit the parks.  If you go to LegoLand California, you’ll very occasionally notice some kids walking around with badges on their lanyard or their shirts. These are badges of pride as “they know” about the pop badges and collect them aggressively. 

All you have to do is ask the ride operator for one.  Some of the bigger rides have them.  Here’s a few that we’ve obtained:



These are the badges that you can get by asking the Model Citizen (MC) running/hosting the ride.  Here’s the ones for Heartlake City Horse Riding, Ninjago the Ride, FunTown Firefighters, and The Dragon Rollercoaster.

WP_20170221_21_21_10_RawHOTEL BADGE
If you stay at the LegoLand Hotel, you MAY get a pop badge.  This badge lets you and your family into the park at 9:30AM – a half hour earlier than anyone else to ride a small selection of rides.  They usually include Coastersaurus, Lego Technic, Heartlake City Horse Riding, and Safari.

WP_20170221_21_21_19_RawKING’S GOLD
If you go through Castle Hill, you may wander past an area that looks like panning for gold.  That’s exactly what it is.  For $3, you can receive a pan and start go through the river sand looking for a nugget of gold.

It’s a fun activity for the kids and if they find one, they can turn it in to the cashier for a gold medal from the King’s Treasury.  This is what it looks like.  It’s not technically a pop badge but you’ll find kids wearing them with pride nonetheless.

WP_20170312_14_04_42_Pro.jpg (2)These are badges that you can obtain if you visit LegoLand during the month of October SPECIFICALLY during their special “Brick-or-Treat” days, where they had out treats and have other special activities for kids dressed up for Halloween. The photo above is the set from the 2016 Halloween.

There is reportedly someone with a special rare “Gold” pop badge wandering the park.  We’ve never encountered it while there but photos of the supposed-badge look like a gold-colored badge showing a gold mini-figure on it reading, “Take me to guest services”

There is a sign in the Legoland Hotel that briefly talks about it near the elevators and it describes the badge as being very rare and worth something if you turn it into guest services.  At the UK Legoland, it looks a bit different, showing a ‘gold brick’ on the front and it is reportedly worth a free ticket to the park – but it requires that you turn the badge in to guest services, meaning you lose the badge as a collectable.

17 Responses to Collecting Legoland California Pop Badges

  1. Raina Fowler says:

    Hi There!
    This Gold Badge you speak of… We were actually able to locate it and have one. From what we were told they are extremely rare and I cannot believe that we were told who had it when we went to LL for my sons fifth birthday!

    • kurtsh says:

      That is AMAZING! Who was it that told you who had it? We searched the park but never thought of asking someone in a position of authority, “Where’s the Gold Badge?” My son would have gone bonkers.

  2. Ben Sharp says:

    Hi Kurt,
    Found your post on the net and wanted to know if you or any of your followers there would like to swap Legoland California pop badges with us in England from Legoland Windsor.
    Here in England all theme parks have them but we only collect Legoland ones and yours look great that I have seen on the internet.
    Best Regards,

    • kurtsh says:

      Sorry Ben. Missed your post. Yeah, I have a few I could trade.

      • Ben Sharp says:

        Hi, great to hear from you!
        I can send you some from Legoland Windsor and in return any from The States.
        Is there anything specific/topic you would like?
        How many can you swap?

  3. Cathy says:

    Hi. Are the ride badges available everyday or only during certain dates? Thank you!

    • kurtsh says:

      Everyday. They aren’t proactively handed out though so you basically have to ask at every ride if a badge is available for that ride. Also the ride might be out of badges – something we’ve encountered. There are also limited edition badges that you can only get during certain events like Halloween or the launch of a new right like the Ninjago ride, which had some special badges associated with it.

      • Philip Sharp says:

        Hi Kurt, Would you or any other collectors be interested in swapping Legoland Windsor pop badges for any from the states, I will take a photo of my swaps and send it to you later?




      • kurtsh says:

        So I swapped with someone else that was interested in doing the same thing. Very nice fellow. We don’t have any extras but we’re going to Legoland tomorrow so we’ll make an effort to get some extras and see what we can trade, okay?

      • Cathy says:

        We finally found one at Heartlake City. Thank you!

  4. D. says:

    A few more places to check for pop badges: Pharoah’s Revenge, LEGO Life (during trivia), Brick’s Restaurant (in hotel, but non-hotel people can eat there), First Aid/Security Station, and Sea Life.
    We were there in February (from East Coast, so only go once a year) and were able to get every one except Sea Life and Heartland. Ironically, “My First Coaster” at The Dragon Coaster took us multiple days to actually get. On the other hand we got Mr. Gold on our first day (two of them actually, since I have two boys). We kept the Mr. Golds since we are already season pass holders (the passes work at Discovery Centers, which we are near, and also have their own pop badges), and the redeemable passes (for Mr. Gold) were only good for a year (and the specific park). I kind of wish it was a very special LEGO set you would get for the pop badge, then I’m not sure what we would have done (kept or traded).
    Also got some past Brick or Treat badges, because we were picked out to go behind the scenes at the Lego Factory tour (get a fresh stamped brick from the mold machine, feel the ABS pellets, and extrude some of the plastic in non-brick form. All fun LEGO-nerdy stuff.)

    • kurtsh says:

      Thanks for this input! We too are Merlin Premium and stay at the hotel every visit – this Memorial day we’re going to the new Castle Hotel. Never thought to ask at Brick’s and some of the others you listed though. We’ve tried Pharoah’s but they were always out. Can’t believe you got Mr Gold so quickly. We’ve never even seen one sadly. I guess we need to ask more questions….
      I wrote this post because there appears to be very few things written about the Pop Badges which is sad because they’re a really cool thing to hunt as a “sidequest” for kids.
      My son & I actually traded a bunch of badges with a nice fellow and his son in the UK. They had extra Mr Golds so I actually have a few really nice UK Legoland badges and a Mr Gold from there too.
      BTW: If you haven’t heard the story of the “Surfer’s Cove” debacle, I’m probably going to write a post about it if something hasn’t already been written. I got the lowdown from some parents who’s kid worked at the park and it’s real headshaker.

    • Cathy says:

      For the Mr. Gold badge, do you pretty much have to be the first ones there? Would appreciate any hints or tips. Thank you 🙂

  5. D. says:

    We were back again in Aug ’21 (were supposed to go last August, but those plans were canceled). Along with two more Mr. Gold badges, one at the Medic station, where we found them before, and one on a person working the water park (ask leads, who wear blue shirts, and managers, who wear black shirts, about Mr Gold, because if it is in their section they’ll know. We asked a lead in the water park, and she said she didn’t have it but it was around the area), we also found three Mr. Gold envelopes (over two separate days). The envelopes contained a minifigure, magnet, and keychain. As for hiding spots, they can be pretty out in the open (on the Mr Gold statue, or underneath an outdoor speaker along the Block of Fame) or quite hidden (in a drainage pipe on the climbing wall in Ninjago World… still amazed my wife saw that one).

    As for timing, we were not necessarily the first ones in the park, but searching for the badge and envelopes is what we were doing. We were not stopping for rides or activities (admittedly having been at the park throughout the week, we had no issue spending time doing this… if you only have a day, you might think otherwise). Certainly the earlier the better (my son was definitely the first to pass by the Mr Gold statue with the envelope).

    • kurtsh says:

      We’ve never found a Gold Envelope – although I think this last trip was the first time we visited where they were doing those. We spent the better part of a 3-day trip in August just trying to find a single one. My son, though, sort of lost interest midway because we found 3 Mr. Golds and he was pretty happy with that.

      Like you, we had pretty much done every ride multiple times by then – I think we did Emmet’s new ride 5 times – and I think we have more fun just trying to find Mr. Gold. We didn’t do the Water Park at all (for the 1st time ever) but we’ve got annual passes so we’ll return soon. Probably Brick-or-Treat.

      • D. says:

        Its funny you were there in August. Maybe we crossed paths and didn’t even realize it (we definitely did Emmet’s ride numerous, numerous times).

        I also believe the golden envelopes were a new thing for CA.

      • kurtsh says:

        Yes, they were new! We went not long after they reopened and you could tell they were understaffed and a little de-spirited. Operations were not flowing very well (“Bricks” in the hotel wasn’t open for dinner for example) but we still enjoyed the park.

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