I’ve always wanted a corkboard where I could post information that’s at the top of my mind but didn’t want to post it on my business blog so that’s what Kurt’s Thoughts is.  It’s a giant electronic corkboard for random throughts about crap I like and… don’t like. 

Who am I?  I’m just a guy that’s been involved with technology for most of my life.  I played Space Invaders in Japan when I was about 6 years old and decided at that point that I wanted to be a computer programmer… which I did for about 6 years post undergraduate work until I concluded that I liked strategic technology instead a.k.a. finding cool & effective technology solutions for my company’s problems.

My favorite pastimes are my dog, Las Vegas, playing games on the ol’ Xbox 360.

BTW:  I’ve left comments ON on this site and been somewhat successful in that it hasn’t resulted in a deluge of horrific Internet spam or callous anonymous vitriol.  I’m hoping I can continue this but if it gets out of hand, I’ll shut it down.

5 Responses to About

  1. Brian Wiggen says:


    Like you had I am having a problem with my Braun Charging stand just like yours you posted


    And I quote:

    “Does the arm on your Syncro Clean and Charge Stand not stay locked down? ”
    This repair part will take care of the problem.
    For use with all Braun SYNCRO Models 7000 series
    The repair is quite simple, we provide instructions with pictures to assist you in the repair.

    How sick is that? An actual precise answer to the problem that I’ve been having. And it’s only $12.95 for the replacement part – not $49 for an entirely new stand. And while the money’s not really that big a deal, I feel quite good about having found exactly the right solution for my repair.

    I can not find this part from your link

    Could you please help me
    I am out of options

    Brian Wiggen bwiggen@cox.net

  2. Suki Bains says:

    Hi Kurtish,

    Happy New Year. I hope you don’t mind me messaging you here. I looked for a email address to contact you on, but couldn’t find one.

    I came across a post of yours regarding pop badges. Legoland California. Legoland Windsor is only a few minutes drive from where we live (I nearly wrote ‘love’ then 😀 ) and my son and I, have been pop badge collectors for some years now.

    You can see some of our Lego adventures here @LegoThursdays

    I was just wondering if you or any of your Lego friends would like to swap pop badges or promo bricks with us across the pond?

    Would be great to hear back from you.

    Cheers, Suki.

    • kurtsh says:

      Hi Suki. Normally, I don’t respond to direct inquiries like this but for a LEGO family, I’ll make an exception.
      My son is a Lego fanatic. LEGOLAND California is his favorite park by far – interestingly, way more than Disneyland. We have a few spares from the park’s traditional pop badges, as well as some pop badges & collectible bricks from this past year’s Brick or Treat 2017 event. (This year’s BoT was unfortunately ridiculously chaotic. There may have been a surge in popularity in Brick or Treat nights this year and I don’t think LEGOLAND California is staffed well enough for the popularity of the event.)
      Anyway, I followed your Twitter account. DM me at @kurtsh and we’ll be happy to trade.

    • kurtsh says:

      I should let you know however that we have no obtained Mr. Gold yet, despite trying for the last couple of years, so if that’s your pursuit, be aware that we still haven’t gotten it. (Although I haven’t done a massive amount of research on ‘discovery techniques’ for this special badge.)

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