INFO: Upgrading Verizon Wireless Nokia Lumia 929/Icon to Windows 10 Mobile

July 1, 2016

imageI upgraded my Verizon Wireless Lumia 929/Icon Windows Phone to Windows 10 Mobile.  I’m not going to lie: It didn’t go that well, but a good part of this was my fault.

If you’re going to setup a new Windows 10 Mobile device, be sure you have FEWER than 10 devices associated with the Microsoft Account you plan on using with the device.

If you don’t, you may be in for a lot of hard work.

One of the main reasons I wanted Windows 10 Mobile was for it’s ability to accept speech-to-text into any area that you might otherwise type via thumb keyboard. With the release of the Bank of America app on Windows 10 Mobile & the sudden availability of Windows 10 Mobile on the VZW Lumia Icon, it was  pretty much a no brainer for me to do the upgrade.

So I did.

Download the Upgrade Advisor from the Windows Store on your phone which provides the signal to the phone that it’s okay to update it. Review the following for instructions on how to do this:

Run the Upgrade Advisor.  It should say that the device qualified if it’s a VZW Lumia Icon.  It will then enable your device to successfully “check for updates” and download the new Windows 10 Mobile OS.

Leave the Upgrade Advisor and go to “Phone Update”.  This is located in the Settings panel.  Review the following for instructions on how to do this:

You should begin upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile right here by pressing the Update button.

This is where I failed:  You associate a Microsoft account with any Windows 10 device – including Windows 10 Mobile – in order to enable it to download & install any of the applications you’ve bought from the Windows Store.  Without doing this, NONE of your Windows Store apps can run.

  1. Go to & log in with your Microsoft Account. (aka the,,,, or whatever account you use to purchase items from the Windows App Store with.)
  2. Go to which will list all the devices you have with Apps & Games installed on them from you account.  This list needs to be 9 or fewer devices, because the maximum number is 10 and we need 1 spot reserved for the upgraded Icon.
  3. If needed remove a device.  Keep in mind that the device you remove will no longer be able to us any of the apps installed on it from your Microsoft account.

When upgrading, the phone will need to connect to WiFi.  The reason for this is that it will add your phone to your Microsoft Account’s list of 10 or fewer managed apps & games devices (as mentioned in step 4) and begin the process of enabling your previous Windows Phone 8.1 applications to run on your newly upgraded Windows 10 Mobile Icon as a managed apps & games device.

Yes, but again, the upgrade process should fix all that.  What this means is, most of your previous apps & games from Windows Phone 8.1 should come over and run on Windows 10 Mobile just fine – possibly even better if it’s updated to a new version of the app for Windows 10.  For example, if there is a Windows 10 Mobile release of the same application you previously used under Windows Phone 8.1, it will update the app in-place and give you the newer release.  If there isn’t, it will make sure that the WP8.1 app or game is rewired to work on W10M.


If the upgrade is unable to add your device to your account, most of your applications will not work after the upgrade Windows 10 Mobile, and you will need to uninstall & reinstall each non-functioning application manually.

If you’ve got the maximum number of devices (10) added to your account for apps & games, the upgrade process for Windows 10 Mobile will attempt (and fail) to add your device to your account for every application it attempts to retrofit or upgrade on your device.

Note that some applications will still work, regardless of whether your device is added to your account because some apps aren’t constrained to the 10 copy limit – however most are.

The quick version of my story is that I had used up all 10 devices that could be associated with my Microsoft account.  As a result, 95% of my applications on my Nokia Icon failed to work after the upgrade.

The solution was to:

  1. Unregister 1 of the 10 devices associated with my account (in my case, an old Dell Venue tablet)
  2. Test & uninstall every app that doesn’t work on the phone, then reinstall it through the App Store on the phone.  The first app that I reinstalled, automatically associated this new “Windows 10 Mobile” device to my Microsoft account and the rest of the applications I reinstalled installed correctly.

Note: This process took me all day as I had more than 100+ apps.

DOWNLOAD: Spring 2016 Asian American Voter Survey

June 19, 2016


Entitled, “Inclusion, not Exclusion”, the Spring 2016 Asian American Voter Survey was released last month and provides some very interesting insight into the Asian voting demographic.

Here’s some of the conclusions that it came to as written in the Executive Summary:

Asian Americans have, for nearly two decades, been the most rapidly growing racial group in the United States. More recently, they have also been growing significantly in their political presence, as measured by the growth of registered voters (an average increase of 600,000 per presidential election cycle), Congressional candidates (from 10 candidates in 2010, to 30 in 2012 and 40 in 2016), or the number of organizations involved in voter registration (from 154 participating in National Voter Registration Day in 2012 to 317 organizations in 2014).

Along with the growing presence of Asian American voters is a growing interest in the opinions and priorities of this electorate. This report presents the results of interviews conducted by telephone from April 11 to May 17, 2016, of 1,212 registered voters who identify as Asian American, producing an overall margin of sampling error of +/- 3%. Sampling was targeted towards the six largest national origin groups that together account for more than 75% of the Asian American adult citizen population. Interviews were conducted in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, and Vietnamese, and included landlines and mobile phones.

The data on Asian American public opinion reveal that:

  • Asian Americans are shifting in party identification towards the Democratic Party, and exclusionary rhetoric is a likely cause
    • There has been a 12-point increase in the proportion of Asian Americans who identify as Democrats from 2012 to 2016 (pp. 27-28)
    • Bolstering evidence from 2014, our survey indicates that Asian American registered voters, including Independents, will punish candidates with anti- immigrant and anti-Muslim views (pp. 17-18)
  • Hillary Clinton has the most net favorability, while Trump is viewed very unfavorably
    • A large proportion still have no opinion Of Bernie Sanders (p. 9)
    • Many Republican candidates were viewed unfavorably this year, highlighting the challenges for a party trying to attract immigrant voter support amid exclusionary rhetoric by many presidential candidates (p. 10)
  • Ethnic media is an important source of political information, especially for Chinese American and Vietnamese American voters (pp. 31-34).
  • Young Asian Americans (ages 18 to 34) are a key demographic to watch
    • Jobs and economic inequality rank higher among their concerns (p. 20)
    • They are much more likely to get political news from Internet sources (p. 31)
    • They display the strongest reaction against exclusionary rhetoric (pp. 17-18)
    • Candidates and parties risk losing out on the support of this up-and coming generation that will shape the politics of the U.S. in the 21 st Century
  • Asian Americans tend to favor the Democratic Party on many key issues
    • The Democratic advantage is strongest on the environment, racial profiling, education, social security, and immigration reform (p. 21)
    • The Republican Party is evenly matched on only one issue: terrorism (p. 21)
  • Overall, voter enthusiasm is significantly higher than in 2014 (p. 11)
    • This bodes well for Asian American voter interest in the 2016 election year
    • But, voter mobilization and outreach by parties, candidates, and community organizations is key (p. 29).
    • Increased investments in voter outreach since 2012 seem only to have been sufficient to keep pace with this rapidly growing population, with no net increase in the rates of voter contact (p. 29).
    • Our 2012 post-election survey indicates that Asian Americans were less likely than other racial groups to be contacted, further indicating the need for further investments in partisan and nonpartisan voter outreach (p. 29).

Grab the entire 71 page .PDF report here:

The Gift

May 23, 2016

This for me is a very important short film, but it’s a tough watch.

The Gift

Do me a favor and watch this video.  Then go hug your pet & renew your promise to them that they’re a member of your family.

Conference Calls are hell.

April 28, 2016

I was recently reminded of two favorite videos of mine:  Audio Conferences in Real Life & Video Conferences in Real Life.

If you’re in the business world, prepare to LYAO.

A Conference Call in Real Life
A Video Conference Call in Real Life

So you liked “Disrupted”…

April 8, 2016

imageSo you finished reading “Disrupted” and loved it, eh?  If you haven’t this is the latest audiobook that I’ve been fawning over:

Keep the fun going by reading the background on the book!

Annnnd then there’s this gem-of-a-retort from a 25-year-old, fresh out of college, millennial that used to contract for HubSpot:

I’ll admit I found this article to be hilarious because I read it in what in my mind is a “millennial’s voice”.  Here’s author Lauren Holliday’s LinkedIn profile which may be the longest profile in the history of LinkedIn. And yes, you guessed it:  She graduated in from Univ of Central Florida in 2012.

Tron lives on in TRON RUN/r

March 27, 2016

imageDid you know Disney released a game last month called “TRON RUN/r”?  Available on Steam, it’s a game that seems to take after those continuous running games.  Description as follows:

Return to the world of TRON with TRON RUN/r, a new lightning fast, action-adventure runner with a twist! Hone your DISC and CYCLE skills, then challenge the grueling STREAM program that throws endless combinations of modes and levels at you until you crash – how long can you survive?

Differing pricing exists depending on the package you want.  Of course there’s a ton of DLC and a “season pass”.  Starts at $19.99.

Anthony Vincent is a god.

March 20, 2016

What would happen if 20 bands played Linkin Park’s “In the End” all within 4:15? Cover by Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs.

(This is more than a year old.  Can’t believe I missed this.  So awesome.)

Linkin Park – In The End | Ten Second Songs 20 Style Cover


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