The story of Reggie, the adopted dog

January 30, 2014

First of all, let me say that the following is, at best, unverified.  That being said, I love reading this story so I don’t care.  So for those of you who love animal adoption as much as I do, here it is…. the story of Reggie.


Soledad O’Brien tells a wonderful story… about Starfish

January 20, 2014

imageI’m sitting in a talk by Soledad O’Brien on Martin Luther King Day.

She tells a story about a child that sees that the tide has washed up on the shore, thousands of starfish. 

So he picks up on and throws it back into the ocean.  A man comes by and asks what he’s doing so he explains what happened.

The man says:

“What’s the point?  There’s too many on the beach.  What you’re doing… it’s not going to matter.”

The child looks down, throws another starfish into the ocean, and says:

“I think it mattered to that one.”