Congressional pandering to Apple has gotten disgusting & now even Jon Stewart is calling them out.

May 27, 2013

image“I love Apple.  I LOVE APPLE.”

– Senator Claire McCaskill (D) Missouri in a Congressional Hearing with Apple CEO Tim Cook on the $44B in taxes they avoided

You gotta kidding me.

Yup.  Congressional pandering to Apple has gotten so disgusting that now even Jon Stewart is calling them out.

Full article & video here:

I love Matt “Where the Hell is Matt?” Harding’s videos

May 1, 2013

These stupid things make me cry every damned time. 

I suppose deep down it’d be really, really, really nice to have the balls to do something like this.  But I’ll see how Matt himself feels about his ‘line of work’ now that he’s got a little one.  Because the day I had my son, was the day everything changed – work, fun, energy, interests/hobbies, worries, focus…

Here’s the one from June of last year.  I only saw it 4 hours ago.  The fact that I missed it completely tells me maybe I need to expand my circle of interests or something.

Where the Hell is Matt? 2012

I hope Matt Harding manages to continue doing what makes him happy.  With all the videos he took during this 5 min montage, the last clip is the simplest & one that opened up the waterworks for me.

Good job, Matt.