4K/UHD Digital Streaming not included with 4K Blu Ray purchases

December 30, 2016

imageSurprisingly, it seems that 4K/UHD Digital Streaming over Ultraviolet is not included with most 4K/UHD Blu Ray disc purchases.

I’ve been having this conversation about 4K/UHD with my coworker. This is a list of 4K/Blu Ray/Digital HD titles I own, the distributor, and whether the Digital HD stream rights you redeem comes with the UHD rights as well. 

It seems that even if you bought the 4K/UHD version of the movie, you likely don’t get the UHD streaming rights and have to pay for it separately (full price) if you want them for the ability to download and playback on mobile devices, laptops, tablets, etc.

  • Jason Bourne – Universal (Complimentary UHD)
  • Suicide Squad – Warner Bros/DC (Complimentary UHD)
  • Sully – Warner Bros (HDX only) UHD for $29
  • Secret Life of Pets – Universal (HDX only) UHD for $29
  • Star Trek Beyond – Paramount (HDX only) UHD for $29
  • Mad Max – Warner Bros (HDX only) UHD for $29
  • Creed – MGM (HDX only) UHD for $29
  • Xmen Apocalypse – 20th Century Fox (HDX only) NO UHD STREAM AVAIL
  • Magnificient Seven – MGM (HDX only) NO UHD STREAM AVAIL

Kudos to Jason Bourne & Suicide Squad for granting 4K/UHD streaming rights to buyers of the 4K/UHD discs at no extra charge.

Note: There are no Disney/Marvel Studios titles available on UHD – either via disc or streaming. Disney has chosen to not make the 4K/UHD discs for these available for purchase, likely so they can get you to rebuy the same titles later at 4K/UHD.

  • Zootopia
  • Pete’s Dragon
  • Finding Dory
  • Civil War

Lego Dimensions – My son & my archive for Xbox One

December 18, 2016

My son & I have been playing Lego Dimensions and we’ve discovered a few things. 

First of all, there is a directory of existing Level, Team, Fun, and Story Packs located at http://dimensions-builder.com/.

Secondly, there is a guy named the “adlingtont” on YouTube which is playing as well.  And he’s videoing all his gaming on Lego Dimensions.

imageHe is unfortunately playing it on Playstation 4 – which has one annoying thing about it.  There is a PS4 exclusive character that he uses a lot – SUPERGIRL.  Apparently, the character is only available when you buy the PS4 Lego Dimensions Starter Pack and isn’t available for purchase separately, making it one of the rarer & more valuable minifigures in the Lego universe.

SIDENOTE: This exclusivity of Supergirl to PS4 of course makes me want to hurt someone.  So I hunted down the mini-figure on eBay, verified that it works on Xbox One still, and bought it.  Don’t judge me.

Anyway, here’s “adlingtont’s” video series to date on Lego Dimensions:

Lego Dimensions – Starter Set + Super Girl Exclusive – Unboxing Build Review

Lego Dimensions – Cyberman Fun Pack–Unboxing Build Review
Lego Dimensions – Doctor Who Level Pack – Unboxing Build Review
Lego Dimensions – Harry Potter Team Pack – Unboxing Build Review
Lego Dimensions – #1 – Everything Is Awesome!
Lego Dimensions – #2 – Supergirl, a Cyberman and Harry Potter walk into a bar…
Lego Dimensions – #3 – Supergirl VS The Wicked Witch
Lego Dimensions – #4 – Harry Potter and the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Battle of the Lords – #5 – Lego Dimensions
Lego Dimensions – #6 – Giant Joker Mech
Lego Dimensions – #7 – Best Doctor Who Game Ever – Duration: 21:56.
Lego Dimensions – #8 – The Darkest Dimension – Duration: 24:39.
Lego Dimensions – #9 – Captured by Daleks