Kevin Smith, Ralph Garman & The Jon Lovitz Situation

November 14, 2013

Wow.  Now this is a whopper of a story.

Hollywood Babble-on – The Lovitz Situation

Ironically, I got this from an AMA that Jon Lovitz did on Reddit:

People with no kids don’t know

November 10, 2013

OMG. This is so awesomely true. This is my life. This is my GODDAMNED LIFE.

People with no kids don’t know”

Been a little Star Wars video crazy recently…

November 7, 2013

Princess Leia is hot.

Star Wars VII: Return of the Empire

Three words:  Star Wars Kid.

Star Wars Speed Dating

Louis C.K. “Why?”

November 5, 2013

Y’know the bit is gonna be good when the first line he utters is:

“Y’know what’s amazing to me?  You can name your kid anything you want.  Isn’t that incredible?  There are NO LAWS.  There should be a COUPLE OF LAWS?”

Louis C.K. “Why?”

Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube Challenge–“I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2013”

November 5, 2013

Every year, I say to myself, “This is SO MEAN.”  Then I laugh my ass off. 

F-ckin’ Kimmel.

YouTube Challenge – I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy

The 5 predictable phases of Windows 8 hate

November 5, 2013

imageThis is what I perceive as to be the 5 phases of Windows 8 hate.  It’s most commonly seen by self-described IT professionals & folks that love saying, “I’ve been in the PC industry for 25 yearsblahblahblah”.  Interestingly, it’s also common for these exact same people to declare that they firmly agree that:

  • Mobile technologies – specifically phones & tablets – are the future direction of the computing industry
  • Seamless compatibility & integration with existing IT infrastructures is absolutely key to transitioning to any new technology
  • Hardware refresh cycles for businesses are growing from 3 years to as much as 7 years; companies can’t afford to buy new devices as frequently

So never mind that Windows 8.1 empowers users to provide both a desktop & mobile interface without

  2. FURY:

With that being said, here’s a nice article from Mashable about the new capabilities of Windows 8.1 that’s a good read:

A brief word on the concept of Linkbaiting

November 5, 2013

In case you don’t know what “linkbaiting” is, here’s an old explanation of how it’s done by the master himself, John C. Dvorak. If you’re aware of the concept of how linkbaiting is executed, it becomes very obvious when it’s being done & what news outlets are advertising whores & otherwise lousy sources for news.

A tell-tale sign of linkbaiting are things like “Top 10 Lists”, Slideshows that require you to clickthrough & refresh the page, etc.

Here’s how you’re being manipulated.

John Dvorak hacks Mac fans

Shout out to Computerworld, Business Insider, Betanews, PCWorld, Inquirer,, InfoWorld, and Redmond Mag.

Dammit. This stupid video made me cry.

November 1, 2013

If you know me, you know I’m serious.  Just watch the video & you’ll know why.  I’m saving this to my phone to watch when I need a spiritual pick me up or something to remind me… that technology & all this other stuff I do isn’t that important.

English bulldog’s ‘Best Day of My Life’ ends perfectly