DEAL: LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack for Xbox One – $49.99

imageThe Microsoft Store has a secret.

It’s selling the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack for Xbox One for only $50. While it’s available cheaper for other platforms like Xbox 360 or PS3/4, this is steeply discounted for the most in-demand platform for this title. For reference:

Trust me.  I’ve scoured the planet and this is the cheapest it gets… until it sells out from the store, at which point y’all will be paying $20 more per copy.

Lego Dimensions is the best “toypad” game out there, beating the likes of Skylanders & Disney:Infinity by a long mile.  The gameplay is intuitive and easy for kids to learn, and the characters are well-documented and have very unique but valuable powers throughout the game.  When you get a new mini-figure from a Fun Pack, for example, that has a capability you need, you want to scream & shout, “YEAH!” (Like ‘flying’ or ‘super speed’ or ‘swimming’ or ‘digging’, etc.)

I should know – I own them all and have played them with my son. Lego Dimensions is not only the best, it’s created by TellTale Games, the folks behind all the other Lego video games as well as critically acclaimed hits like “The Walking Dead”, “The Wolf Among Us”, “Minecraft: Story Mode”, “Game of Thrones”, and “Tales from the Borderlands”.

And they’re still, after 2 years, building more NEW content for it.  Just this past month, they published the following expansions packs:

  • Knight Rider “Fun Pack” – featuring Michael Knight & K.I.T.T.
  • Lego Batman Movie “Story Pack” – featuring the ENTIRE Lego Batman Movie
  • Harry Potter “Fun Pack” – featuring Hermoine Granger

And it’s not expensive. Getting these “Fun Packs” gets you new physical LEGO & minifigures to build and use during with the toypad that comes with the Starter Pack.  And each Starter Pack can be as cheap as $1. (Not kidding.  The 99 Cents Store had a massive sales on Fun Packs a month ago.)

With the never ending releases of expansion packs with new characters, new content, new levels and new worlds, this is the best video game investment I’ve made since Fallout 3.

LEGO Dimensions: “Endless Awesome” Launch Trailer

Go get this deal while it’s available.

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