On Psychopaths & Sociopaths in Leadership

December 15, 2022

I asked a question about whether there was any relationship between psychopoathic or sociopathic tendencies and leadership roles – government or business.

I asked because I’ve known people in extremely high places that seemingly have no conscience and no limit to what they will do to get their way. Traits I see include:

  • I’m-more-obsessively-relentless-than-anyone
  • just-how-far-will-I-go-to-win
  • you-have-to-lose-for-me-to-win
  • small-ppl-think-micro-big-ppl-think-macro
  • if-I’m-thinking-of-you, I’m-not-thinking-about-my-success
  • I-count-every-penny-cuz-it’s-my-penny

Interestingly, many are former-athletes focused 24/7 on a) making money & b) ‘winning’.

So I asked. Boy, did I get an earful.