OFFER: Amazon offers 20% discount & $5 giftcard for old Kindle devices

September 15, 2020

Amazon will give 20% off of the purchase of a new Kindle if you trade in your old Kindle.  And they’ve give you $5 in gift credit as well.  If you’re like me, you have ancient Kindles lying around waiting for this opportunity.

The Kindle Oasis, in it’s highest end configuration (32GB, Wifi+3G, no ads) is $349.  20% off is $70 off the retail, bringing it down to $275, if you use the $5 credit.

I’m not even sure that the device needs to be in full working condition to get the 20% off.  It didn’t seem so.  I have a Kindle 3G 3rd generation that doesn’t hold a charge any more that I’m probably going to send in for a discount on another Kindle Paperwhite.

Don’t forget to hard reset your device before you send it in!  (Search this blog for instructions on how to do that.)