INFO: My rules of Vegas

imageWith CES 2012 just around the bend, I figured it might be good to write down my rules of Vegas.

Kurt’s Rules of Vegas

Rule #1: Never let the taxi longhaul you through the tunnel.

Rule #2: Always use the $20 sandwich at reception.

Rule #3a: Bring the vitamins, the homeopathic junk, & the antibiotics.
Rule #3b: Know where the Walgreens is on the strip.

Rule #4: Sanitize the remote.

Rule #5a: Eat with a coupon.(
Rule #5b: Use a coupon with

Rule #6: Always leave $5 & a note for housekeeping Day 1.

Rule #7: Don’t complain about the line if you had to get in it in the first place.

Rule #8: Protect. Hydrate. Humidify.

Rule #9: Always make reservations two weeks in advance.

Rule #10: Always bring shoes w/ good support.

Rule #11: Pay with cash.  Play on credit.

Rule #12: Cocktails never belong at the tables.

Rule #13: Never pass up the entertainment.
They don’t burn your bankroll & they keep your mind fresh.

Rule #14: Obey the rules of the club.

Rule #15: Losing is never considered ‘having fun’.

Rule #16: Always make sure you have a reliable cabbie in your contacts.

Rule #17: Andrew Jackson always has a reservation.

Rule #18: Taking a bathroom break is always better than playing a bad shoe.

Rule #19: Dressing appropriately is almost as important as the tip.

Rule #20: Always eat breakfast in the morning.

Rule #21: Keep a Vegas lawyer on speed dial.
Nersesian & Sankiewicz, (702) 385-5454 528 S 8th St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Rule #22: Always know what conventions are going on during your visit. (

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