Fallout: New Vegas… what a disaster.

imageI’ve been a fan of Fallout for a long time and was really excited about Fallout: New Vegas – outsourced by Bethesda Softworks to Obsidian Software, based on the original Fallout 3 game engine. 

I love the games environment, the open play, the story… everything.  Fallout 3 lasted me nearly 9 months of play with all the downloadable content packs.  And for that, Bethesda will always have a soft spot in my heart.  The only game I can ever recall playing that long was Starflight from Electronic Arts back in 1989.

But enter Fallout: New Vegas.

This game has been plagued by bugs and crashes since day one.  But I played through them.  I found workarounds.  I waited for updates.  Probably 80 hours of game play – and I wasn’t even close to finishing the main story line.   Then my world was turned upside down by a sudden change in my job and I was pretty much forced to put down the controller for more than 4-5 months, may be longer – I don’t remember.

So it’s Christmas 2011 and I finally have some free time.  Time to start playing again.  Apparently they’ve patched this game… like FIVE TIMES since I left it.  So XBox 360 auto-downloaded the patch and away we go.

Holy jeezus.  My game saves won’t load.  It just sits there for 10 min doing nothing – no matter how many times I try.

Alright.  Don’t panic.  Search the Internet.  Go to the support forums.  Figure out what the solution is…  WHOOPS!  The Bethesda forums are ablaze with angry players & apparently these patches have resulted in the same experience that I have.  Game saves that won’t load, people losing their progress.  Frustrated people threatening Bethesda.  Some blaming it on the DLC.  Others on the patches.

Finally, I start to delete the DLC and the game patch #5 from my Xbox 360.  SYSTEM SETTINGS – STORAGE – GAMES – Delete Game Patch #5 & anything else”.  I run the game again, decline the patch, and lo-and-behold, my game saves now load in 3 seconds.

So what of all the patches they made over the past 6 months.  5 patches must be pretty significant.  Surely they’re going to fix this, right?  This can’t be the end of the line.

Then I read on the forums:


“Sorry guys, this is it. I’m the last one on the project, and I’ll be turning out the lights after this week.  It’s been a good run, but everyone is moving on to new projects. (9/26/11)



“No plans for another patch.“ (9/26/11)



I mean, I get that it’s just a game, and I get games have only a certain lifespan… but after a year, they still don’t have the game in a functional state – so they just decide to pack it in and call it a day.

I can’t say that I’ll ever purchase another Obsidian Software product.  Unless I hear otherwise, to me this is may be a Bethesda problem… but it’s mainly an Obsidian problem.

What a waste.

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