WOW. Torches & pitchforks at UCLA!

UCLABruinsLogoWow.  There’s a lot of drama right now on all the UCLA sports feeds – especially the subscription forums that people pay to be on – due to:

  1. The firing of Rick Neuheisel, our head football coach
  2. UCLA going to the PAC 12 championship game despite being only 6-6
  3. The active recruitment of Chris Petersen, famed coach of Boise State (never had less than a 10-2 season in 8 years at Boise and always been in the top 10 of the BCS rankings)
  4. The record breaking money donated by the alumni boosters – reportedly $30M total over 5 years was committed:  $4M for the coach’s salary every year for 5 years and $2M for the assistant coaches over 5 years)
  5. a. This will be more money than is paid to USC’s coaching staff, Notre Dame’s coaching staff, and put it in league with Michigan’s coaching staff.
  6. The reported (as of last night) TURNING DOWN of our offer by Chris Petersen.  (He had a falling out with the Boise State Athletic Director which is why he was considering going to UCLA but Boise State at the 11th hour FIRED their Athletic Director to appease Petersen to keep him at BSU so…)
  7. The recruitment of up to 6 other potential coaches ranging from Herman Edwards (from the NFL) and Mike Belotti (Oregon’s former coach who retired but shown interest in coaching again at UCLA) USC’s offensive coordinator Kennedy Pola, etc.
  8. The signing of big name coaches to other PAC 12 schools including Mike Leach at Washington State, Rich Rodriguez at Arizona, etc.
  9. The reported quashing of the Chris Petersen-declines-UCLA-offer, which was apparently a false rumor.
  10. The elimination of Herman Edwards as a candidate for the head coaching job – as reported on the radio.

Like a damned soap opera.

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