Ooooooh… please… PRETTY PLEASE… Sony Vaio Z!

imageI think I won a laptop.

I’m not really sure because everyone I know got a notification that we won a contest and we all got a new “ultra-cool laptop” as a result. 

Then only some of us got the 2nd notification that clarified the contest’s prize.  The 2nd notification said that the laptop we were getting was a Sony Vaio

And that’s the contention point, y’see.  The “ultra-cool laptop” in the Sony Vaio line is this one – the Z series:

According to this article from CNET, the stats on this thing are disgusting.

13.3-inch Vaio Z:

  • Chassis: 0.66 inches thick, 2.6 pounds, carbon fiber
  • Graphics: Internal Intel Sandy Bridge, external AMD 6650M GPU
  • Processor: Sandy Bridge Core i5, i7 standard voltage
  • Storage: solid-state drive only, up to 512GB
  • Connector: Light Peak, aka Thunderbolt, and USB 3.0 on dock
  • Broadband: option for wireless WAN (wide-area network)
  • Display: 13.3-inch, up to 1600×900 resolution
  • Battery: internal battery rated at 7 hours
  • OS:Windows 7
  • Price: As announced in Europe, standard configuration starts at over $3,000.

In short – it kicks my gen 1 Samsung Series 9’s butt.  Core i7 QUAD CORE, 512GB SSD, 1600×900 display, external discrete AMD/ATI 6650M GPU, with optional sheet battery for 14hrs of life?!?

Also, it comes with a TRUE VGA port without a dongle & a full size HDMI port, full size Gigabit Ethernet port, a full size SD Flash slot (and a MemoryStick slot if you care about that) and 8GB RAM max?!?

Um… wow.  Crossing fingers!

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