Googleopoly. The case against the company with an anti-competitive stranglehold on Internet advertising.

imageWow.  This is one heck of a web site:

If you’ve been watching the government’s case against Google, you might want to take a look at this site as it appears to be a summary of all the other sites that have been published on the topic of Google and their agenda on the Internet business… and other industries.

This think tank appears to have left no stone unturned in creating this compendium of information about Google’s business practices and the Google-Yahoo! Anti-Competitive Case. 

They’ve put together a book entitled “Search & Destroy:  Why You Can’t Trust Google Inc.” which I picked up in Kindle form.  So far, they appear to have made some excellent points – especially around the subject that I believe is the most dangerous:  “Privacy”.  Of all people, Scott Cleland, the author gets a rather familiar name to comment on this recent publication:

“Scott Cleland’s new book explains what getting ‘Googled’ really means — having your private information exploited, your personal security compromised, your market choices eliminated, and your naive trust in the company’s public pronouncements betrayed. Cleland’s perspective will resonate most with conservatives and libertarians, but, in truth, every computer user needs to read this book before clicking on the Google site again.”
Gary Reback, author of Free The Market! and the antitrust lawyer who spearheaded the Federal Government’s case against Microsoft in the 1990s

The web site specifically includes a 17-page whitepaper entitled, “Googleopoly VIII* The FTC’s Antitrust Investigation of How Google’s Deceptive & Predatory Search Practices Harm Consumers” as well as a briefer presentation entitled “FTC-Google Antitrust Primer:  Top Ten Q&A”.

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