And yet another reason not to buy a Playstation 3

Tilt axis motion is coming to the Xbox 360.  So to get gyroscopic tilt motion control, all you need to do is get this add on.

On the upside, this is going to be a great add on that won’t add any cost to the existing Xbox 360.  If you want it, you can get it, and it’ll implicitly work with any games that already use the joystick for controls. 

The downside is that there won’t necessarily be any games designed specifically for it.  But then again, there really aren’t any games specifically designed for the Sony PS3 SIXAXIS controller as far as I know.  Not in the same way that the Wii has games designed for it.

For the record, Microsoft had a gyroscopic game controller LONG BEFORE Sony Playstation or Nintendo Wii did.  We just developed it for Windows and it was called the Sidewinder Freestyle Pro that works with your hand/arm movement.

So no, Nintendo can’t possibly have a patent on gyroscopic game controls, being that we released the concept before they did.

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