The one thing PC users can do that Mac users can’t… and other recent web sites

I arrived at work this morning and as I’m checking my mailbox, our mail clerk says, "Hey – you gotta this out."

The One Thing PC users Can Do That Mac Users Can’t

OMG… laughing… too… hard… can’t… type!  If you think that’s funny, try reading the comments left on YouTube around Maddox’s videos.  It’s priceless!  I’m gonna be in a good mood for the rest of the day.


Week of Vista Bugs
If you think that’s good, check this one out:  Recently a web site popped up called "The Week of Vista Bugs" which purported to release one Windows Vista bug every day for a week to prove it’s falliability.

So of course the irresponsible participants of the media crossposted it like the lemmings they are.  It seems that even some of the most reputable news sources are willing to cross post and talk up anything that might cause controversy in the name of clicks and subscriptions.

And that’s exactly what this site was apparently trying to prove:  The media has an irresponsible glut of reporters and bloggers that are willing to post anything without verifying the accuracy of their claims or do any sort of research to validate a source. 

In an explanation of what they were trying to do (out the media), they reveal the site as a hoax:

Judging by the cross linking, I’d say they were QUITE successful.  You have morons at certain big publishers who just HAD to post something about the site in their blogs and articles, then see them scrambling to blurt out after being outed that, "Yeah well, we knew it was a fake." 

So if it was test of the media’s credibility, and it’s something that they don’t want to encourage for fear of perpectuating the idea of "pentesting" the media, why the hell did you write about it then?  Because to them:


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