Microsoft employees are a-buzz about Guitar Hero 2

We have discussions internally within Microsoft about products on specific discussions lists just as any company does (although we’re quite liberal about it – we have discussion lists for everything under the sun.  Discussion lists for Xbox owners, discussion lists for Verizon Motorola Q owners, discussion lists for graduates of UCLA, discussion lists for marathon runners, discussion lists for musicians… etc. etc.) and one of the bigger topics recently on the Xbox discussion lists has been Guitar Hero 2.

There’s so much glee around this game, I think we’re going to overload the Exchange Servers.  Here’s a sampling of some of the chatter I’ve read about Guitar Hero 2 on Xbox 360:

My only complaint is that after I play for an hour or two, I look away from the TV and my vision continues to scroll. The first time it happened I thought “Hmm… that’s probably not good. I should stop. … Nah, it will probably go away when I fall asleep. Just one more song.”


<nothing else – just this photo>


Me and my lady have been playing it all afternoon and it’s fantastic.  She actually turned on the home theater to play by herself….that’s a huge milestone!


Why don’t the credits mention how easy this game is after a bottle of gin?

However, who out there is really playing this game in expert mode? Come on now. Expert mode is stupid and ridiculous, as in if you can pass expert mode and don’t play a real guitar you are stupid and ridiculous.


Your brain just needs to get the hang of processing the information.  What’s really interesting is when you realize that you’re no longer even seeing them as just notes but as entire patterns, and you’re not even thinking about it, just doing it.


You do know that hammer-ons and pull-offs can only be done on certain notes, correct?  The ones without the black lines around the top of them can be done that way – the rest cannot.


I then went by the Fred Meyer in Totem Lake and picked up a couple controller extension cords (6” if you’re in Spinal Tap, 6’ for the rest of us) for $5.  Useful for those of us who are too old to rock standing up and need to use the couch.

[…a moment later, someone else posted…]

Speaking scientifically, it’s impossible to “rock” while sitting on the couch.


Yes, and all the Audio settings go to 11. There are some really nice touches in the game.

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