US Presidential Election 2016: What do the bookies say?

imageSocial networks & media publicity are cute but money talks & the place to go to when it comes to politics & money are the bookies.

There are bookies around the world that take bets on who’s going to win the US Presidential Election.  (Not in the US, mind you, where it’s illegal.)  Oddsmakers don’t mess around when it comes to accuracy on any topic, so if you want to know who people REALLY think is going to win – when the chips are down – the bookies are where you go.


Net net:

  • Betting lines have Trump leading GOP at 5-4 w/ Rubio behind him at 2-1.  After that there’s no contest with both Jeb Bush & Ted Cruz coming in at a distant 6-1.
  • Sorry “feelthebern” progressives but Hilary’s blowing out Bernie at around 9-8 vs anyone else – including Sanders at 4-1.
  • Bloomberg’s betting line just came out at a distant 33-1.

Here’s the betting lines at BetDSI that are updated daily.  I’m not a betting guy when it comes to even sportsbook stuff but this is fascinating stuff:

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