Reasonable Doubt – Mark Geragos & Adam Carolla’s new Legal Podcast

Okay, it’s not that new since they’re into their 27th episode however it’s only been out for a few months and “Reasonable Doubt” is one of the first new podcasts that i’ve found fundamentally interesting enough to listen to every episode.

Combine the legal mind of Mark Geragos, who you may recall as being on OJ Simpson’s dream team, with the sarcastic wit of Adam Carolla and you get non stop interesting conversation. add to that, that the reputations of these two bring in some interesting topics and guests.

For example, they talk about the Netflix sensation, Making a Murderer, and invite one of the defending attorneys of steven avery to the podcast.

They also address the Volkswagen situations and the potential for a class action lawsuit and what that means to the long term viability of the company.

And this week Mark goes over a pro bono case he’s doing “Straight out of Compton” – literally, as he has to phone in to do his side of the podcast since he’s in trial in Compton.

If you like interesting stories and understanding the legal angle on them, you really need to check out “Reasonable Doubt” with Mark Geragos and Adam Carolla.

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