TOOLS: Windows Desktop Extension, Mirroring, or KVM (3rd party)

I was a big “Mouse Without Borders” user which was an old Garage tool from Microsoft that is no longer supported or maintained. 

“Mouse without Borders” essentially allowed you to “extend” the reach of your keyboard & mouse so that you could use one keyboard & mouse for 2 or more computers.  For example, if you have two computers side-by-side, when controlling the left most PC, by moving your mouse past your primary computer’s RIGHT edge, it would “continue” from the LEFT edge of the computer directly to the right of you.

This is seamless usage of a single mouse & keyboard is accomplished over the network, wireless or otherwise, and even allows copying & pasting between computers.

I’ve since found a few other interesting tools that accomplish similar things with displays.  The one I use instead of Mouse Without Borders is EdgeRunner “Multiplicity”, which is NOT free however it is more reliable, encrypts all data over the network, and provides a “KVM” function that also allows you to redirect a remote PC’s display on your primary machine.

I’ve tried some other tools as well like Synergy (which is cross-platform but didn’t work for me on Windows 10) and discovered some new ones.  Here’s a couple I haven’t tried that accomplish similar display “tricks”.

When I investigate them, I’ll write them up here.  Or move this post to “production”.

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