Surface Book & Windows 10 Blue Screen when Disconnecting Slate/Tablet from Keyboard Base

UPDATE 8/22/16:
Saw this old post and decided to update it.  For a while, I simply chose not to disconnect my slate so I never really noticed if I was still having the Blue Screen problem.

About a month ago, I started removing the slate from my Surface Book and it’s been working 100% fine every since.  I couldn’t tell you if it was DisplayLink driver related or some other driver/firmware upgrade that occurred in the past few months, but I can tell you that my slate now separately without incident and I didn’t have to take the device into the shop or get it exchanged.

Which is a relief.

UPDATE 1/13/16:
Apparently, there may be another reason for these blue screens.  I’ve been told that if you use DisplayLink (connecting a second display using a USB connected port replicator) the DisplayLink drivers are notoriously bad.  And since these drivers exist at Ring 0, and are tied to the USB ports, which are in the keyboard base – and not the display slate, this is something to investigate.

UPDATE: 1/6/16
I forgot that there were a new set of drivers that were released by Intel back in the latter part of December that reportedly fixes a ton of issues including blue screens related to the integrated GPU.

So this may be a resolution as well that I have to investigate.


imageMy Surface Book has been crashing with a Blue Screen every so often when I disconnect or detach the slate or tablet component from the keyboard base.

It doesn’t happen all the time.  It seems to occur when the Surface Book has been on for a while and I’m in the middle of several activities.  If I’ve just rebooted the Surface Book or just turned it on, the slate/tablet disconnects or detaches from the base without any problems.

I hypothesize that the issue is the discrete Nvidia GPU in the keyboard base.  I get the feeling that something about the disconnect with the discrete GPU (if it’s in use by an application) makes the machine go belly up.

I’m still researching the problem but I suspect that one of the following things may resolve the issue… but I just haven’t had the time to  test any of it but I thought I’d post this here for now while for when I do:

  1. Disable Windows Hello & Facial Recognition – This uses the GPU heavily I believe.
  2. Disable hardware/GPU acceleration in Internet Explorer 11 – This obviously uses the GPU and depending on load, may switch to the custom Nvidia 940M in the keyboard base.

I will post my results later when I’ve tested it.

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