CES 2012: My PSAs for visiting noobs to Vegas

imageRight before CES 2012 started, I wrote a series of PSAs on Twitter for the noobs coming to Vegas for the first time.  Here’s a recap:

  • When you get to your hotel room, task #1 is “Wipe down the TV remote with a Purell alcohol wipe.”
    There have been a variety of studies that have concluded that the most bacteria laden item in the hotel room is the TV remote control.  It’s never wiped down, it’s never cleaned, it’s in use constantly, and it’s next to the bed.  Yes, the sheets may get cleaned but that remote is definitely NOT clean.
  • Before you leave your room for the 1st day, leave some $ for housekeeping w/ a Thank You note.
    Ask yourself, how much is your gear worth.  Is it worth at least tipping housekeeping $5 just for them to keep in mind that you’re not worth ripping off?  Don’t take the risk.  Besides… you may want to have them leave you an extra pillow or something.
  • Ask the front desk for a humidifier to be sent to your room before everyone else does.
    Remember that you’re in the desert.  At night, the air gets even drier than it is during the day.  Dry air means static laden carpeting.  Static is badbadbad for electronics – not to mention your sinuses.
  • Buy $25 gift certs for Mandalay Bay restaurants @ 60% discount using coupon code “FUN”.
    If you plan on visiting Mandalay Bay, it’s very easy to get restaurant discount certificates for at least $25 for only $2-$3 each.  http://t.co/ApMXugbE
  • Picky about your pref for Coke vs Pepsi?  Here’s a map of what Vegas hotels sell which. 
    Nuff said.  This is a curiously fun map that provides the pickiest soft drink drinker with a guide to their favorite beverage.  Don’t laugh.  I’ve met more than my share of individuals that have a VIOLENT reaction when the waitress says that “they don’t sell Coke – only Pepsi”.  http://t.co/B11CjiGO
  • To avoid getting longhauled, let your cabbie know that they have a sliding tip coming.
    The difference between a normal cab ride and a longhaul can be $10 or more.  Don’t get longhauled.  Pre-notify the driver that you’re going to tip him but only if he minimizes the fare.  http://t.co/qrgcD80j

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