Is your dog itchy? Scratching all the time? Try changing shampoos & adding a conditioner.

SCN_0002Today, I put Sheepa’s leftover shampoo & conditioner in a box to send to my Mom.  This might not seem like a big deal but it put a big lump in my throat a couple times that I had to swallow.  I’d refused to ever believe that Sheepa would leave us so I always bought all his necessities (food, medicines, doggie bags, grooming supplies, etc.) in Costco level bulk.  So I have a lot that Sheep ‘left behind’.

So, in memory of Sheepa, I decided to turn this into something positive. 

  • Is your dog constantly scratching/itching?
  • Have you tried oatmeal shampoos?  Milk baths?  Cortizone-rinses?

Sheepa used to when we first got him.  But we found a ‘cure’.

Sheepa’s left over shampoo and conditioner was from a group called “Isle of Dogs”.  This is a professional grooming shampoo & conditioner that our groomer, Irene, first used on Sheepa to make him stop scratching. 

We noticed that when he first came home after his grooming with Irene & the Isle of Dogs products, he just… DIDN’T ITCH.  It was a remarkable transformation: He smelled great, he completely STOPPED drying/flaking & scratching, and it made his fur virtually unnecessary to brush except for right after his bath – and we used a blow dryer to fluff him up while we brushed him out.  For weeks it would stay, untangled, unmatted (he NEVER had mats – EVER) and really soft.  We’d bathe him just so that he wouldn’t be smelly – and brush him only for his pleasure.  He loved being petted, stroked, or brushed.

Isle of Dogs.  Amazing stuff.  You could tell he was irritated & dry before we started using this stuff and he was a much, much happier dog after we switched away from all the cheap, oatmeal-esque garbage.  (Even the really expensive “milk baths” didn’t work for him – but this stuff did, so we became believers quickly) 

It’s also fairly expensive at $30-$40 a liter bottle however one bottle can last for more than a year for a dog Sheepa’s size (20-22lbs) so it’s really worth it!  Here are links to refills for each:

Here’s their web site.  They used to be professional groomers only, but apparently, they got so popular that they started to mass-produce their product. 

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