INFO: The Business Risks of Google Cloud Connect

imageWe recently posted a thorough summary of the very real business risk associated w/ Google’s Cloud Connect entitled "The Realities of Google Cloud Connect".  (

If you read it, you’ll probably come away with concerns that Google’s tool really isn’t well thought out from a business customer perspective.  Oh sure… from the perspective of GOOGLE’s end goal of aggregating the world’s personal & business information, this plugin is designed beautifully in that it encourages people to release even more previously unrevealed information to Google’s data nexus.

In a nutshell, Cloud Connect is a business executive’s nightmare.  Everything from data leakage, productivity loss, functionality that no longer works within Office, information loss, privacy violations, and other threats are immediately presented by this one single plug-in’s installation. 

To quote the article:

“Unless you change the default setting, anyone in your domain can find and access your document. Imagine your HR professional opens an Excel document with salaries and social security numbers, makes a change and then saves. Oops, unintended and unknown sharing to the rest of the organization.”

To sum up this risk,

“This kind of approach to privacy and security are simply unacceptable to the majority of business users. Perhaps more importantly, it begs the question, “Is Google’s heart really in the business market, or is it in advertising where 97% of its revenues come from? If it’s the latter, that may explain why anyone who installs Cloud Connect will have all of their documents synched to Google’s cloud. As Google creates more surface area to collect your personal data, individuals and businesses alike are beginning to question if and how that data is being used.”

Would you want to be the guy everyone points to when some individual uploads ultra-sensitive data into Google like worker salaries, company confidential plans, or internal communications, and a executive yells, “Who the hell responsible for installing this stuff on our computers?!?”

There is also a video that actually demonstrates many of the risks.

The Realities of Google’s Cloud Connect

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