Heaping praise on the Brother HL-2170W Wired/Wireless Laser Printer

clip_image002In case anyone is looking for a convenient, high fidelity, low-cost, WIRELESS, black & white laser printer, may I make a recommendation?

For basically only a hundred bucks, you get a blazing fast 23 ppm, 2400×600 resolution black & white printer that connects to any wireless network. (Or wired)  Installing drivers on other machines in your home is totally cake and you can print to the printer locally even while you’re VPNed into work.  Install the driver, it auto-detects your printer on the wireless network, and you’re good to go in less than 30 seconds.  And with 32MB of memory, the printer does a great job of “print serving” on its lonesome even on larger Powerpoints.

And what about toner?

It ain’t fancy but it’s the cheapest, most reliable hunk o’ junk I’ve ever bought in the past two years (since I ditched my ol’ HP printer) and the driver install/wireless capability is incredibly convenient.  It just sits off in the corner of my home office (remember… no cables needed!) and has never jammed, never failed, and only beeped when it’s out of paper for 2 years now.  It’s faster than the printers at work and it’s so cheap it’s practically disposable. 

Perfect for when you need a printout on the way to customer or a paper copy of a map/email/directions on your way out the door.

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