INFO: Net Applications reports Windows Vista adoption continues to climb

WinVistaLogo01 I’m not usually one for the rah-rah fanboyish drivel around our products but I have to say that the slant of most articles by some of the most annoyingly inaccurate news sources (I’m sure you know who they are) is so ridiculous, someone has to point out a few of the bare facts.  And today, that someone is me.

So what’s to know?  In a nutshell, this is the way end user operating system marketshare has gone in February, according to TGDaily & Net Applications, a marketshare survey company:

  • Microsoft Operating Systems increased marketshare from 88.20% to 88.42%.
    After constantly hearing how Microsoft is fighting its Waterloo with Windows Vista against Apple… after all the hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Apple advertisements…  isn’t it shocking to discover that hey, whattayaknow:  With 88.42% of the market, Windows is still far and away, the most popular, well-adopted operating system on the planet in both business & consumer segments.

    Okay, not enough for ya?  Apple Operating Systems lost marketshare in February and sits at 9.61%, down .28%.  And Linux end user marketshare still lists at a minimal total of .88%, although rising.

  • Windows Vista marketshare is 22.79% worldwide, up .31% from January.
    The death of Windows Vista has apparently been greatly exaggerated, but some Internet news outlets would have you believe that no one in the known universe uses Windows Vista, with the way they report it.

    The fact remains that Windows Vista has seen good success in both the business & consumer markets and is effectively on the SAME adoption curve as Windows 2000 was back in 2002, 2 1/2 years after it’s release.  But it seems the press is infatuated with spinning adoption numbers by comparing them with the much more senior Windows XP… despite the fact that Windows XP has been on the market for 3 times as long.  Windows XP has been available for 7 years compared to Windows Vista’s 2 1/2 year life so far.


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