Raise the Roof for Easter Bunnies!

Dear Members and Friends,

Easter. A time for bright-eyed children … bountiful baskets … and bunnies! But did you know that bunnies are popular all year long?

Bunnies are the third favorite housepet in America. Sadly, after cats and dogs, bunnies are also the #3 pet most commonly found in shelters.  There, many face a too-soon end.

At The Best Friends Bunny House, things are different. Here, hundreds of “buns” live happily, for as long as they need.

But The Bunny House is two decades old … and urgently needs renovation. In short, the “buns” of Best Friends need a home makeover.

The cost to remodel is just over $100,000 – and we already have more than half. So, give what you can and together we can “raise the roof” on The Best Friends Bunny House. Here’s how.

This Easter, March 23rd, when you sponsor a homeless bunny as your gift to a friend or family member, your donation will go to rebuild The Best Friends Bunny House … keeping each “bun” that you sponsor cozy for years to come.

So go ahead and sponsor an orphan bunny from Best Friends as your gift this Easter.

You’ll raise the roof on The Best Friends Bunny House … keep hundreds of buns safe and warm … and get many happy feelings in return.

Where else but Best Friends can an Easter gift do so much? Must be that bunny magic! Thank you for caring about all creatures … great and small.

And warm wishes for a Happy Spring,

P.S. There are lots more bunnies for you to sponsor on the Best Friends website, here. And if you liked the stories of Jasmine and her pals, I hope you’ll share with a friend.

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