Japan… one of the 10 lost tribes of Israel?

I honestly don’t know much about Israeli history, but I found this video fascinating from the perspective of someone that does know a little something about Japanese history.

The fact is, no one knows exactly what the origins of Japan’s people are, although many have theorized about it.  It’s obvious that someone crossed the Sea of Japan from Korea or Taiwan or China… but no one has ever been able to explain who those people are and why they took on the perilous journey.

Whatever happened to the 10 lost tribes of Israel? Is it at all possible that one tribe eventually settled in what is now Japan? What are the similarities between Japan and Israel? Are the Japanese one of the 10 lost tribes?

Before you laugh, the Israeli government is looking into this as a real historical possibility. This 13 minute/40Mb video shows some very elaborate and interesting coincidences, but the investigation starts to get a little eerie toward the end. Watch and you’ll see what I mean.

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