ARTICLE: “Gates’ philanthropy deserves emulation”

The dread Mercury News posted an interestingly positive article about Bill Gates – albeit not without taking the apparently irresistible jabs at Microsoft.  Who would have thought that Northern California’s notoriously liberal media would find themselves in a position where they’d have to lecture the wealthy in their own backyard to discover and contribute deeply to philanthropic causes with as broad reaching impact as ‘Bill & the Evil Empire’ has.

San Jose Mercury News – Editorial: Gates’ philanthropy deserves emulation:
"As Gates moves into Act Two of his career, he’s carrying out his philanthropic calling with sweeping goals and steadfast determination. He serves as an inspiration to other individuals – and companies – with business fortunes that could be channeled into saving lives, improving health and education or other good works. Silicon Valley executives (take note, people in Cupertino, Mountain View and Redwood Shores) should follow Gates’ example.

Gates’ philanthropy already has made a difference on a scale that dwarfs Andrew Carnegie or John D. Rockefeller. The Gates foundation, with $37.6 billion in assets, has donated $14 billion since 2000. Its mission is ramping up even more, after investor Warren E. Buffett in 2006 pledged more than $30 billion of his wealth to the Gates’ philanthropy. That means the foundation by 2009 will double its annual giving, to an awe-inspiring $3 billion-plus a year, comparable to last year’s revenue for Adobe Systems."

Note: For those of you without accounts on Mercury News, check:

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