INFO: Windows-based websites for understanding 2008 Presidential Race issues

Over the past decade, there’s been two non-partisan, Windows Server-powered web sites that I’ve used to help myself clarify and narrow my personal position on political issues and ultimately select a presidential candidate:


  • ONLINE quiz measuring your views on social, domestic, economic, and foreign issues
  • VoteMatch quizReport comparing your views against all parties candidates

On the Issues

  • Issues & topics in the news
  • Listing of candidates
  • Summary of primary debates for Republican & Democratic parties

The sites are actually related and cross-link between each of them.  It’s a great way for Americans to help understand and prioritize their own views on the issues and find the candidate that best reflects their own personal opinions.

It’s driven by an Windows Server 2000 Active Server Pages-based application that allows you to enter your opinions into a form and compare it against a database of known opinions and stances.

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