INFO: Setting up Two-factor authentication for Paypal & eBay for $5

Check this out:  One of the scariest issues of using Paypal & eBay is having your account hacked.  While you are not liable for charges that are not incurred by hackers or thieves, you’re still OUT of pocket of that money while the charge is disputed and it can mean that you could be cleaned out for a while.  (Have you ever had to forage for food in your own home? <grin>)

So for a whopping $5, you can receive a RSA Keyfob or a "Securenet Key" to enable you to make two factor authentication against your Paypal/eBay account mandatory.  They basically send you the fob, you pair it with your account and authorize them to make two-factor authentication mandatory, then bam.  That’s it.  Take that hackers & thieves!

While I wish this was Smartcard being that I’m a strong believer in the long term potential and viability of smartcards, I understand that a completely autonomous two-factor authentication-enabling technology is more appealing at this time.  Hopefully smartcard readers will continue to become more and more pervasive in the future as standard equipment on PCs.


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