Magnum’s back!

Access Hollywood | NBC's 'Las Vegas' Makes a 'Magnum P.I.' Reunion | Latest TV Show NewsMagnum P.I. is back, bitches!

NBC’s ‘Las Vegas’ Makes a ‘Magnum P.I.’ Reunion 

I was born in Hawaii and I grew up with Magnum P.I. so don’t hate!  All throughout college, when I was kickin’ back in my apartment or my dorm room, I’d watch reruns of Magnum P.I. every afternoon like clockwork.  And now, here I am watching Las Vegas and the show opens up with a verrrry familiar voice.

I think to myself, "Hey.  That sounds like T.C. but that can’t be because…" and then I realized I was watching a show that had just added Tom Selleck to the cast and looked up and stared at Larry Mannetti, Tom Selleck, and Roger Mosley:  The original cast of Magnum P.I..

Magnum P.I. taught me the difference between man-to-man and floating zone defense in basketball.  Magnum P.I. taught me that the Ferrari was a really bad ass kickin’ ride and that every man should aspire to own one in their lifetime.  (I still do and as god is my witness, I will buy a Modena from the Ferrari dealership at the Wynn Hotel is Las Vegas when I retire.) Magnum P.I. taught me that guns, helicopters, and friends-that-can-hook-you-up-when-you-need-to-call-in-a-favor are really cool.

Also, Magnum P.I. taught me that being shorter-in-stature than "the rest of the team" yet smart & well-hooked-up could take you a long way like it did Rick, Larry Manetti’s weapons specialist character.  Larry – if you’re out there, thanks for helping to give a short kid someone to aspire to.

And yes, I’m still pissed off that they killed Magnum at the end.  I remember yelling, "NOOOOOOO!  WHHHHY??!?" 

Ryan, Roger Hartley, and "some British billionaire".  God, I love this show.  This has totally reinvigorated my interest in NBC’s Las Vegas, which was frankly going downhill with all the silliness that was going on that wasn’t Vegas related… until this little twist in the characters.

Check this out: (taken from Access Hollywood)

In an interview with the Las Vegas Sun, Manetti says Selleck came up with the idea for the reunion, “Tom plays this ranch guy in Nevada. The script first called for his two cowboy buddies to come in, but he changed it to where Roger and I replaced the cowboys. We were all in the Marines together. I play a multimillionaire who wears tailor-made suits and owns 250 nightclubs and restaurants around the country, and Roger owns this mega-aviation company, helicopters.”

In the ‘Magnum’ series Manetti played a nightclub owner and Mosley played a helicopter pilot. He told the Las Vegas Sun it seems like old times, “It’s great. The dialogue is the same as it was on ‘Magnum,‘ the same kind of banter. It was just like old times, except when we were taping I turned around and instead of seeing palm trees, I saw slot machines.”

John Hillerman, the fourth star of the series is not featured in the episode. According to Manetti he thinks Hillerman is retired. Manetti also tells the Las Vegas Sun that he and Mosley will have recurring roles in the series.

Oh, I so hope John Hillerman comes out of retirement to play the "British billionaire".

One Response to Magnum’s back!

  1. Michael says:

    wait…  What???  I don\’t remember Magnum being killed at the end of the series.  He rejoined the Navy!!  What are you talking about?

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