Are you kidding me?  Look at the price difference between HD DVD players and BluRay DVD players:

I mean it’s not even close.  HD DVD Players are HALF the cost of BluRay Players.  And what’s even more amazing is the fact that HD DVD is a functionally superior format.  With it’s amazing overlaying capabilities and advanced technologies like:

  • having gorgeous "floating" interactive menus
  • picture-in-picture videos with director’s expressions overlaying the movie
  • side-by-side movie comparisons like before & after shots
  • dynamic Internet downloaded content displayed at-play-time
  • dual format discs with both standard definition & high definition on a single disc
  • quick disc boot up time
  • universal compatibility
  • availability of ‘managed copy’ providing copies to be made to home video servers

…HD DVD continues to be the superior format.  And with the emergence of "holiday pricing", it now look much more affordable as well.

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