Thank you 2K Games & Bioshock for Reinvigorating My Faith

 First of all, let me say this:  Bioshock is only available on Xbox 360 & Windows XP/Vista.  There’s no PS3 version.  There’s no Wii version.  There’s no Mac version.  And there sure as hell ain’t a Linux version.

BioshockWith that out of the way:
Thank you so much Bioshock, 2K.  You’re officially on my list of all time great game companies.  Bungie, Epic, Ubisoft, Bethesda, and now 2K. 

You’ve gotten me jazzed and excited again about video games.  I was going through a MASSIVE lull there since Gears of War, waiting for Halo 3 & Mass Effect to come out, and you guys filled the void.  And this is coming from a very jaded, spoiled gamer who’s got too much disposable income and can pretty much buy whatever damned game I want.  (Not having kids will do that, y’know.)

These guys know how to scare the crap out of you.  Let’s just skip the ‘scary zombie’ types and the ‘indominable’ monstrous opponents coming after your at warp speed:  There are things that just freak the daylights out of me in the game… like 1950’s music.  Something about listening to old 50’s music that’s eerie.  And being underwater… there’s a weird sense that there’s no escape’ because of the surrounding water.   (Oh by the way… best… water… ever!)

But most of all, the lighting:  Those bastards at 2K will put you in a shadow filled cooridor, where you know some bad sh-t’s going to happen… then they TURN THE LIGHTS OFF ON YOU.  Or those bastards will fog up the area with mist making it completely impossible to see.  DAMN I HATE THAT AND YET I LOVE IT.

And BTW, Amazon should thank you as well.  I’ve been so excited about Bioshock, how just absolutely Grade A cool it is to play these next gen games and how great gaming CAN be, that I went online and went completely medieval on my Amazon Prime account, in preparation for the onslaught of incredible games coming this season.  We’ll try to ignore Halo 3 and all it’s awesomeness for jusssssssst a second and focus on what else is coming for Xbox 360 over the next 2 months:

  • Half Life 2 Second Episode (with Team Fortress 2, Portal, & Half Life 2 First Episode… aka, the Orange Box)
  • Guitar Hero 3 (the Bundle – and no I could care LESS about it not being wireless.  I don’t know who these ‘tards are that absolutely positively have to have wireless guitars)
  • Call of Duty 4:  Modern Warfare (the first demo that I saw that surprised me… everything else I had expected to be mad awesome)
  • Assassin’s Creed (Jade Raymond’s hotness has helped to create so much buzz about Assassin’s Creed that I’m compelled to give it a whirl – even though I’m not sure that it’s really gonna rate next to Mass Effect & Halo 3)
  • Mass Effect (Only on Xbox 360.  And yes, Microsoft Game Studios is publishing it… but it’s so awesome that I… must… have… it… at… release!)

And by the way, anyone that hasn’t bought Amazon Prime that does even a few purchases from them is CRAZY.  Free 2 day shipping?  Criminies.  I’m going to single handedly bankrupt Amazon on all the single item 2 day shipping I’m doing.

This last shipment?  $400 worth of games.  Each shipped individually and for free.  Best deal ever.

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