Where the heck did Britain’s Paul Potts come from?

I found myself actually tearing up as I watched this video.  It’s just beautiful and to hear that he’s an unheralded cell phone salesman, makes this story all that more remarkable.  He’s had virtually no vocal coaching.


Look at the judges clap.  Look at Amanda Holden crying during his performance.  Look at the audience’s standing ovation.  Piers Morgan & Simon Cowell virtually gush about him and they’re always the subdued ones.

Not surprisingly Paul’s made it to the final competition against a puppeteer named Damon Scott who’s good but I don’t think he’s even in the same caliber as Paul… and two other acts that I can’t even consider.  But this’ll be up to Britain’s Got Talent’s audience voters.  The finals began about 6 minutes ago in Britain. (12 Noon PST)

Three words:  GO PAUL GO!


(BTW:  Here’s a video of his semi-final performance)

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