Congratulations Paul Potts… winner of Britain’s Got Talent!

Against the odds, Paul Potts captures Britain’s heart and wins the Britain’s Got Talent competitions with his extended solo of Nessun Dorma.

Britain’s definitely got talent.  The grand finale judging was recorded here:

The finale is written about here on the BGT web site:

Grand Final – The Winner

Paul PottsIt was as if the tension would never end – but finally, eventually, painfully… Dec announced Paul Potts as the Britain’s Got Talent winner.

It was a moment where futures were made and dreams were dashed. But even though every one of the performers here has an outstanding talent, only one could scoop the big prize tonight.

Two million votes were cast by the British public. For the big winner, welshman Paul Potts, tonight starts a week of newspaper interviews, magazine features and TV appearances. Life won’t be quite the same ever again.

As Ant and Dec congratulated the singer – or was that held him up – he told them – "I can’t believe I’ve won it – I’m like jelly. Performing for the Quen means absolutely everything. Thank you for believing in me".

…more at the link

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