A word about Nemik’s Manifesto

The most meaningfulScreenshot 2023-02-17 085234 part of #StarWars #Andor for me is one word:


Nemik’s Manifesto validates the 9yo kid in me disliking the unforgiving words of E5, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

That’s… wrong. Everything starts with trying. EVERYTHING!  I always see arrogant immaturity quoting Yoda’s words & it bothers me.

Trying is worth it. If you feel the same… you’re my people. Follow me.  “Remember this. Try.”


I hope people listen to the video which isolates Nemik’s speech from #Andor. I also have hope that actor Alex Lawther will orate an audio book version of Karis Nemik’s Manifesto. And that it’ll be written an published in the #StarWars Chronicles series of books.


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