Does this sound familiar?

imageHere’s 6 character types that might ring some bells:

  1. “My family has voted Republican all our lives.  Our family’s party can’t possibly be in the wrong & our personal need to be “right” is more important than anything.”
  2. “I dislike minorities & believe they’re somehow the cause of all that ails me.”
    1. [Corollary] “I’m a white male & I believe everyone has exactly the same opportunities & are treated equally to me in America, but those ‘other people’ always get more money & stuff – all because of the liberals.  The scales are always weighted against me – when am I gonna get “mine”?”
  3. “I’m a god-fearing Christian & the only policy that I’m concerned with is abortion. I’ll stand with anyone that echoes the same. Or whatever it is that my evangelical preacher tells me is right.”
  4. “I’m wealthy, competitive, & my entire value system is built around money & getting more money.  The fact that I’m a millionaire many times over is irrelevant: I’m tired of you poor people taking my money from me. Taxes are my enemy & anyone raising them is my enemy as well.”
  5. “I’m poor & either lost my job or have a bad job & the only thing that matters to me is getting enough money to stay afloat or getting a better job.. I don’t care how I get it – subsidies, another job, whatever.”
  6. “I love guns. And I’ve convinced myself that “personal security” is the most important thing in the world & thus fighting anything that might restrict my access to the guns of my choice is the centerpiece of my value system.”

Recognizing these character types is important. What to do with them… that’s another story.

One Response to Does this sound familiar?

  1. Frederick Good says:

    You missed one that I hear too often: “Oh I’m just not into politics!”. The most dangerous, in my opinion.

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