Angry about the AHCA? How about doing something about it?

imageTwo days ago, Republicans in Congress voted to pass the American Healthcare Act – an insane piece of legislation that has only two purposes:  Spite & power.

  • Not a a single healthcare organization supports it. 
  • The House Oversight Committee never got the chance to study it and provide estimates on it’s impact.
  • Not a single Democrat voted for it.
  • AHCA effectively cuts healthcare from 24 million citizens – especially those with pre-existing conditions who desperately need it.

Documented here ( the inhumane suffering & loss of life over the next several years will be staggering.  For an idea of the impact this will have, read this article:

So what are you going to do about it?

I’ll make it simple for you:

Almost every Republican voted for the bill.  If your Congressman is Republican, it’s likely he or she wanted to protect their own jobs & voted AGAINST the American people’s interests, believing you, their constituents, wouldn’t notice their actions when they run for reelection in 2018.

  1. AGAIN, ALMOST EVERY REPUBLICAN IN THE HOUSE VOTED TO PASS IT. (Click here for the House vote tally – the following Republicans did NOT vote for the AHCA)
      1. Biggs, Andy, AZ 5th
      2. Coffman, Mike, CO 6th
      3. Massie, Thomas, KY 4th
      4. LoBiondo, Frank, NJ 2nd
      5. Smith, Chris, NJ 4th
      6. Lance, Leonard, NJ 7th
      7. Katko, John, NY 24th
      8. Jones, Walter, NC 3rd
      9. Turner, Michael, OH 10th
      10. Joyce, David, OH 14th
      11. Costello, Ryan, PA 6th
      12. Meehan, Patrick, PA 7th
      13. Dent, Charles, PA 15th
      14. Hurd, Will, TX 23rd
      15. Comstock, Barbara, VA 10th
      16. Herrera Beutler, Jaime, WA 3rd
      17. Reichert, David, WA 8th
      18. Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana, FL 27th
      19. Donovan Jr., Daniel, NY 11th
      20. Fitzpatrick, Brian, PA 8th
      21. Newhouse, Dan, WA 4th
    (Figure out who your Congressman is, if you don’t know. If they were Republican, they voted against public interests. Click here to look them up.)
    (Prepare for the next Congressional election. Make your vote count. Click here to get registered.)
  4. VOTE & ENCOURAGE OTHERS. (November 2018 is the next Congressional election. Voting is the single most impactful action you can take. Click here to find out when & where the next election will be in your location.)

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