Pedigree… you’ve done it again. Dog adoption FTW.

These commercials make me wanna go out and buy a bag of Pedigree.

With nearly 4 million dogs entering shelters yearly, there are so many furry friends waiting to find forever homes. Pedigree, a long-standing supporter of dog adoption, developed this film to raise awareness for dog adoption around National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day (April 30th) and National Pet Month (May).

PEDIGREE – ”Pick Me”

PEDIGREE® – A Vote for Good
What’s the one thing supporters of either party can agree on? Watch our social experiment unfold. #AVoteForGood #FeedTheGood

PEDIGREE–A Vote for Good

PEDIGREE® – Rescued
Beautiful and meaningful relationships start at the dog shelter. That’s where Dan, a veteran who was wounded in action, meets his kindred spirit, a dog that’s also been through a lot. This is another example of how Dogs Bring Out The Good In Us.

PEDIGREE® – Rescued

PEDIGREE® – “By My Side”
Dogs bring out the good in us. Not only in good times, when everything in life seems to be going our way, but also during the toughest times. The first film in Pedigree’s Learn From Dog series features Dan Lasko, a wounded warrior whose service dog helped him through PTSD and taught him that “Everything is going to be alright.”

PEDIGREE® – “By My Side”

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