Where is Donald Trump’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?


So you’re looking to find Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, are you?

Look no further: I’ve got it mapped out so you should have no problem locating it.

The address on the Hollywood Walk of Fame web site is wrong.  It’s actually closer to:

…so you’ll probably wanna plug that into your phone or GPS.

Self parking is available at Hollywood & Highland, a shopping complex immediately in front of Trump’s star. 

Entrances to the parking lots are on Highland Ave or Orange Dr and lead underground.  You will have to walk a bit through the shopping complex to get back out to Hollywood Blvd.

Here’s an overhead map of the area.  https://binged.it/2ju5LUB


This is what the street view looks like.


As you can see, it’s near a Sephora & an American Eagle.

There are two grates in the sidewalk:  One are outdoor elevators used for loading stuff underground.  The other are air vents.  Trump’s star is between these two grates.  It’s also right beside the star for Kevin Spacey.


2 Responses to Where is Donald Trump’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

  1. Juan doe says:

    It’s the one that’s not there anymore. Chinga tu madre Donald Trump !

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