Lego Dimensions – My son & my archive for Xbox One

My son & I have been playing Lego Dimensions and we’ve discovered a few things. 

First of all, there is a directory of existing Level, Team, Fun, and Story Packs located at

Secondly, there is a guy named the “adlingtont” on YouTube which is playing as well.  And he’s videoing all his gaming on Lego Dimensions.

imageHe is unfortunately playing it on Playstation 4 – which has one annoying thing about it.  There is a PS4 exclusive character that he uses a lot – SUPERGIRL.  Apparently, the character is only available when you buy the PS4 Lego Dimensions Starter Pack and isn’t available for purchase separately, making it one of the rarer & more valuable minifigures in the Lego universe.

SIDENOTE: This exclusivity of Supergirl to PS4 of course makes me want to hurt someone.  So I hunted down the mini-figure on eBay, verified that it works on Xbox One still, and bought it.  Don’t judge me.

Anyway, here’s “adlingtont’s” video series to date on Lego Dimensions:

Lego Dimensions – Starter Set + Super Girl Exclusive – Unboxing Build Review

Lego Dimensions – Cyberman Fun Pack–Unboxing Build Review
Lego Dimensions – Doctor Who Level Pack – Unboxing Build Review
Lego Dimensions – Harry Potter Team Pack – Unboxing Build Review
Lego Dimensions – #1 – Everything Is Awesome!
Lego Dimensions – #2 – Supergirl, a Cyberman and Harry Potter walk into a bar…
Lego Dimensions – #3 – Supergirl VS The Wicked Witch
Lego Dimensions – #4 – Harry Potter and the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Battle of the Lords – #5 – Lego Dimensions
Lego Dimensions – #6 – Giant Joker Mech
Lego Dimensions – #7 – Best Doctor Who Game Ever – Duration: 21:56.
Lego Dimensions – #8 – The Darkest Dimension – Duration: 24:39.
Lego Dimensions – #9 – Captured by Daleks

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