“No, It’s Not Your Opinion. You’re Just Wrong”

imageThis is gospel.  I have heard this uttered by so many of our fresh-out-of-college hires, it’s headshaking.  It’s like it became en vogue for self-important, arrogant MBA-types to pull this “It’s my opinion…” line out when they can’t defend their opinion with fact: Only “the way they feel”.

Hey kids:  Facts matter.  Misaligned conjecture doesn’t.

I have had so many conversations or email exchanges with students in the last few years wherein I anger them by indicating that simply saying, “This is my opinion” does not preclude a connected statement from being dead wrong. It still baffles me that some feel those four words somehow give them carte blanche to spout batshit oratory or prose. And it really scares me that some of those students think education that challenges their ideas is equivalent to an attack on their beliefs.

-Mick Cullen

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