There is no choice in High Speed Broadband Internet connectivity for consumers. NONE.

imageA lot has been said about the supposed alternatives available to consumers for getting broadband Internet access.

Which of course is all a bunch of hooey.  There’s a monopoly on high speed Internet access for consumers and the folks holding that monopoly know it.

In spite of all evidence to the contrary (and then some), Comcast insists [PDF] that “the broadband marketplace is more competitive than ever.”

Hippy, dippy, BALONEY.  If there was ever a BETTER example of this – including detailed accounts of how bad un regulated service is amongst the supposed “choices” that consumers have, it’s this article:

I can tell you that I theoretically have 4 “choices”:

  1. Verizon-line DSL (capped at 6Mbps)
    No growth beyond 6Mbps.  Ever.  Meanwhile the rest of the industry is hitting 300Mbps to 1Gbps speeds.  This is a dead technology and the only step beyond this for telecom companies is “fiber” which is not available in most of Los Angeles.
  2. HugheNet Satellite (1sec latency, capped at 20GB)
    Besides being pricey, the latency of HughesNet and other satellite based Internet services makes it infeasible for random access streaming video, audio, real-time communications or telephony/VOIP.  Worse yet, it’s consumption capped at 10-20GB/month. 
  3. Cellular (2-25Mbps, capped at 5GB)
    Extremely expensive at $50/mo for 5GB/mo, highly variable speeds (I can barely get 2Mb through Verizon XLTE in my location) and capped on consumption to 5Gb per month.
  4. Time Warner (15Mbps-300Mbps)
    This is what I chose since it’s the only feasible choice. My issue is that service is irregular.  Sometimes I get 15Mbps and other times I get 70Mbps.  Sometimes in the middle of the day, the connection is DEAD and no amount of calling to Time Warner seems to help.

This is what I mean by NO CHOICE.  If I ever can’t stand it any more with Time Warner’s questionable service, I can never switch.  None of the other service alternatives are in the same realm.

There is no choice.

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