One of the best days ever with my son.

imageSo my son wanted an ice cream bar at Paradise Pier while we were at Disney’s California Adventure.

The ice cream there is… well… overly frozen from dry ice, weak sauce, and had a ridiculous line in the hot sun to buy it, so I told him that I’d find him some better ice cream elsewhere. He quietly said, “Okay,” then didn’t mention it again.

As we headed to the exit 30min later, I found the Main Street ice cream parlor which was indoor, air conditioned, had a ton of ice cream selections, a table to sit at, and no line at a…ll. So now he’s sitting at the table with a monstrous mint chocolate chip ice cream cone, with ice cream all over his face (Yes, the kind I never got when I was a kid) & I say to him, “See? I remembered! I told you I’d find you some better ice cream, eh?”

He looks at me and says, “Daddy, you’re the BEST Daddy ever.”

I freeze & look at Anne & whisper, “(Did you coach…?)” She smiles & says, “(Nope. All him.)” ‪#‎todaywasagooddayasafather

One Response to One of the best days ever with my son.

  1. Nan says:

    Of course you are, it just took your son a minute to articulate it. If we are even slightly better as parents than our parents, we succeed. That’s one of the philosophies I’ve embraced and I’ve managed to raise some pretty amazing children.

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