Disneyland Tells Employees: “Get Shots or Stay Home.” What’s the Law Say About That?

image“The first issue is whether Disneyland can even make the initial demand of its employees. The short answer is YES.”

If you are not living under a rock, you have heard by now that there is a large measles outbreak in the United States that can be linked back to some unvaccinated visitors to Disneyland. Lots of people are angry and concerned and I’ve gotten lots of questions about this outbreak, including what Disneyland can and should be doing to prevent outbreaks like this in the future. After all, a massively popular amusement park, visited by folks from the world over all packed into a relatively small space, is a pretty great place for disease to spread. Among those sickened by measles, were at least five Disneyland employees.

In response to this, Disneyland asked all employees who came into contact with the five sick employees to submit “vaccination records or submit to a blood test that shows they have built immunity to the disease.” And any employees who could not confirm their immunity status were asked to stay home on paid leave. So wait, if Mickey Mouse can’t confirm his immunity, does he have to stay home from work? Can Disneyland even do that? What about Mickey’s rights?

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