About that “life” membership you signed up for as a UCLA Alumnus…

I got this in the mail a few weeks ago.  I had to put it down and let it sit for a while because… well, you read it:


tl;dr:  If you want anything new out of your life membership as a UCLA alumnus in the future, pay $600.  Otherwise, no future investment will be made in your current membership.  And your current benefits may disappear over time.

So, apparently, my $600 Life Membership as a UCLA Alumni is great & all but UCLA needs more money. The Alumni Association has determined that the only way to compel life members to squeeze more out of it’s life members is to stop growing any value of the existing life membership and create some B.S. “new level” of Life Membership they call “Tier 3” – mandating yet another donation of $600. 

For example, I noticed something in the image of the benefits listing:


Call me crazy but I get that 20% discount TODAY as a Life Member.  I just used it a week ago at the UCLA Store.  Are they saying that we’re losing that benefit unless we move to Tier 3?  Here’s the New Membership page:  http://alumni.ucla.edu/newmembership

I’m a pretty loyal alumnus… but this is rubbing me the wrong way.

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