Some of my favorite Audible audiobooks

imageI listened to a ton of audiobooks during last holiday vacation and really, really enjoyed myself.  I preferred to listen to the books I had than watch TV, surf the web, play Halo on my Xbox One… yeah, they were that good.

So I decided to make a list of some of my favorite audiobooks.  Here it is:

  • Ready Player One: Ernest Cline (Read by Wil Wheaton)
    This maybe very well be my all time favorite audiobook.  It’s definitely in my top 3.  Besides being a edge-of-your-seat page turner, it touched me on a very, VERY deep soulful level.  Never mind that I got every single geeky 80’s reference made in the book: (including Kikaida & Raideen, both of which were mispronounced by Wil in the audiobook)  It tells a story that, well, let’s just say very accurately reflects some personal experiences of mine when I was much younger, making this book mean more to me than perhaps others.
  • The Martian: Andy Weir
    This is the audiobook that got me back into listening to audiobooks.  Everything you’ve heard about this book is true.  It’s crafty, hilarious, riveting, and most of all, intelligent.

Here are some others to consider:

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